DOTTYS Corporate Solution

- Making a difference one smile at a time!

Children have a very big impact on their parents and are the buyers of tomorrow!

Business environment


For our company, relevant markets and sectors are

-) Bookshops

-) Toy shops

-) Online Platforms 

-) Hotels (of the Activity Dotty suitcase) 

-) Airlines 

-) Restaurants


Target customer / customer benefits


The main goal is that children, through interaction with the books and merchandising, develop a love of reading and discover the joy of exploring new countries and cultures. 


Our unique selling point (USP)

The intelligence that lies behind the figures.

Intelligence is transmitted via the characters through educational messages, teaching children in a fun way, about good behaviour and important social themes like; integration, tolerance.


Personalisierte Products                                      

The brand/the logo can be put on many merchandising products like: stickers, wristbands, certificates etc and can be combined with all types of additional wordings and logos.

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