Important Key Facts about Fiona

Find out everything about Fiona.

Name: Fiona Jane Toft
Birth Place: Plymouth, United Kingdom
Star Sign: Aries
Favourite City: Paris
Favourite Painter: Monet
Favourite Sport: Running
Hobbies: Playing the Piano and Baking
Biggest Dream: To make a positive difference to the world
Favourite Flower: Rose
Authoress: Written two children's books and now working on her third
Favourite Film:  Priceless staring Audrey Tatou
Favourite Books: Classic Books by Thomas Hardy
Favourite Childhood Book: "The Famous Five" by Enid Blyton
A Surprising Fact: Fiona has done voluntarily work with needy children at the Caritas' in Vienna and travelled with aid charities to both Africa and India.


Fiona Toft, inspired by her love of children and her involvement in the family's educational supplies business Brainwaves, developed ‘Dotty & Friends’ in 2009.


Surrounded by children’s products and acquiring an in depth knowledge of the educational market, resulted in her creating her own unique character Dotty and developing the innovative brand ‘Dotty & Friends’.

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